BIM? Revit?
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What is BIM? How good is Revit in adopting BIM?

BIM and Revit are the terms we keep hearing more and more these days . Even though they become a part of our common vocabulary it gets confusing when it comes to draw a clear line between them. Why do you keep hearing about BIM, every time Revit is mentioned? When you know how to use Revit, does it mean you are fully adopting BIM? Lets dive into it.

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10 Inspiring Architecture Studios

Without a doubt, Instagram is wonderful for discovering young architecture studios! I coincide to pretty inspiring teams to get out of the ordinary. I think, amazing representations, surprising transformations, minimalist interventions, innovative projects, collective productions and more… I would really like to be among them. Maybe this list can be a good suggestion for you for internship applications, workshops or collaborations.

Coffee Break

#FFF Fun Fact Friday

Here are the new lesser-known facts that will rock your world! No no, be calm. Just interesting facts -and maybe some gossips- about architecture and design. You can keep learning some inspiring stuff during your coffee break and then make a little bit show off with them in your conversations. Now, if you’ve grabbed your coffee…