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Rem Koolhaas+AMO Sensory Space Design for Prada FW21 Menswear Show

"Possible Feelings" presents an exploration of sensory qualities of architecture..

Latest collaboration of Prada and Rem Koolhaas for the fashion show titled “Possible Feelings” resonated with both fashion and architecture enthusiasts. The Italian fashion brand has been collaborating with Rem Koolhaas on runway designs for decades. Could we say the best of both worlds? Fall/Winter 2021 Menswear show was an experience that was not only pleasing to the eye, but also appealing to other senses.

The setting consisted of four sensory rooms designed by Rem Koolhaas and AMO hosted the digital show of the collection designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. The theme of the show space was creating a sensory stimulation with the use of tactile qualities of different textures and finishings.

Possible Feelings Show Space | 2021 | Courtesy of Prada

Four connected geometric rooms provided a continuous circulation for fashion show and each of the rooms has been designed to stimulate sensory feelings with the use of vibrant colors and panels of marble, resin, plaster, and faux fur. Each room was an extruded version of a geometric shape; rectangle, circle, square, and octagon. Also, each room provides a view to next and previous rooms, reinforcing the perception of connectedness.

Possible Feelings Show Space | 2021 | Courtesy of Prada

The first room of the show, rectangular room has walls cladded with bright red faux fur and reflective black resin used for the floors creating a space that is dark, dramatic and seductive (it reminded me of the red ritual scene in Eyes Wide Shut). Rectangular room was the only room in the show that also had its ceiling designed, it was enclosed with massive black curtains. A theatrical start for the show.

Possible Feelings Show Space | 2021 | Courtesy of Prada

Circular room creates a feeling that is the exact opposite of rectangular room. Sky blue faux fur floor gives a soothing feeling with its smooth texture while continuous white marble walls reflects the light all over, brightening up the whole room. The contrast between the rectangular room is like a fresh breath of air.

Possible Feelings Show Space | 2021 | Courtesy of Prada

The square room is the reversed version of the materials used in circular room. This time we see a pistachio green-veined marble for the floor and a rich magenta faux fur cladding on the walls. It gives me royal vibes due to color and material choices, fancy, regal and glorious.

Possible Feelings Show Space | 2021 | Courtesy of Prada

Finally, octagonal room has light blush colored faux fur again for floor, but this time, walls are covered with pastel pink plaster. Pink hue creates a beautiful contrast with the garments however, the texture of plaster does not offer any reflective or other tactile effect to further explore textural possibilities. I think it somehow falls short to stimulate senses in comparison to the other rooms.  

Possible Feelings Show Space | 2021 | Courtesy of Prada

The fashion show can be watched from the link:
and Prada official website provides a virtual tour to the show space in this link:

Overall, show space fulfills the premise of creating a sensory experience yet, I can’t help thinking other possibilities. Couldn’t different kinds of textures be used in a time when we had access to so much new/recycled materials? This is the point of being inspired actually, thinking beyond what is done and what is achieved.

So, what do you think, which room was your favorite? What other materials could have been used for the show?

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