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Greetings to everyone with the new podcast from this week! Let’s continue to meet inspiring podcasts.

I excitedly would like to introduce you to this week’s team. Maybe many of you have met earlier or come across their illustrations. Actually, their illustrations invited me to listen. The podcast contains pretty deep discussions contrary to the plain expression of their illustrations. You find yourself in the theoretical discussion of a thesis, a project, a book, or a storytelling.

I invite you too to a never-ending coffee break where you will suddenly find yourself in various discussions and curiosities under the coffee break category.

Architecture Talk

[cross-disciplinary conversations with the built environment]

Architecture Talk

Architecture Talk is a bi-weekly podcast based on various guests and conversations and launched by Architecture Talks host Vikram Prakash and his team in May 2017. The Timestamp Outline is pretty good to make it easier to follow up the conversation and reference various projects. The most important thing that impresses me is that conversation can suddenly come to familiar names like Louis Kahn, Derrida, Rem Koolhaas, can refer to books such as Delirious New York, Learning from Las Vegas, or can introduce new names, new references about the subject of your interest.

I would like to say that a conversation that you constantly take notes awaits you. Prepare pencil papers!

Architecture is really the art and science of turning fiction into fact… Sometimes kind of real architectural life interferes with intellectual architectural life  .. There is no such thing as architecture…

Architecture Talk


EPISODE 76- AITC: The Choreography of the Urban with AbdouMaliq Simone

“This is what she might call an unprecedented moment of insurrection and opportunity to reconfigure the many aspects of the apparatus of racialization that characterize so much of the American ethos.”   


EPISODE 84- Teaching Architecture under the Regime of Zoom with Nandan Balsavar

“Changing the program by removing the idea of a program. Instead start reimagining the home as the laboratory.”   


EPISODE 86- Peter Mohlmam, The Window Witch

From the catwalk to the department store, there are many modalities of showcasing high fashion. In the realm of window displays, how do you draw people in?”

Architecture Talk

EPISODE 89- Storytelling with the Shapes of Time with Amir Sheikh

These placenames they… describe relationships to the land, plants, and animals and to each other and how people interpreted and used the land, along with the sacred…They’re all interconnected.”   


EPISODE 91- Posthuman Humanism, Spirituality, and the Impressions of Childhood with Michael Benedikt

“I’ve tried to convey to students that when you put two chairs in a room together, they’re already in conversation, even when you leave the room.”   


I would be pleased if you recommend an episode for me too because I have many episodes to listen to.
Also, Do you have a podcast suggestion for the next week?

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