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10 Best Free Font Websites for Designers | Font Series Part 1

Looking for cool free font websites for your next design project? You do not need to look further, this article got you covered! Here is our selection of best free font websites...

There are plenty of details to consider when it comes to design. So, it is very common for designers to find themselves spending most of their time making choices instead of engaging in creative production. Designing itself is already a hard work, when you add a lot of options to choose from on top of that, long hours are waiting for you. But do not worry no more, this list of free sources will solve all of your problems- ok, let’s be honest, it is only catered for your designerly font needs.

1. Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Yes, of course you know Google Fonts, – oh, you don’t? Well, you should definitely check it out then. Google Fonts offers one of the largest selections of free fonts – serif, sans-serif, you name it. You can search fonts by category, language, popularity, and even thickness or width. It allows you to easily preview any sentence with your chosen font and you can see how it pairs with other fonts to find the perfect font combination.

2. Behance


While being one of the biggest platforms for designers to showcase their portfolio, Behance also provides you with access to the *freshest* fonts. To stay up to date on font trends just search “free font” on Behance. You can use premade tags on the site such as handwritten, modern or vintage to customize the search for your needs.

3. Dribbble


Dribbble is another great platform for designers to showcase and share their work with fellow design enthusiasts. Same as Behance, search for “free fonts” to explore amongst many fonts available for personal use. Finding complete font families when searching for free resource is unlikely yet it is very possible to find unique, “stand-alone” fonts that will spice up your designs.

4. Fontfabric


If your eyes are too sore from looking at classic font website interfaces, Fontfabric will be a breath of fresh air for you. It has a great website design; well organized and easy to use. It has a rather limited font collection yet all of the fonts offered are unique and high-quality. Definitely worth checking out.

5. Use & Modify

Use & Modify

Let’s be honest, as designers, we cannot get enough of looking at websites with cool interfaces. Use & Modify is another eye candy of a website that offers plenty of different fonts. You can filter your search by authors, keywords or directly choose from the listed font names.

6. Fontshop


Speaking of great website designs, have you heard of FontShop? If not, you should definitely take a look. This drop-dead gorgeous website has everything and more. It has 5 different display options that allows you to observe and compare the fonts in different settings. So cool, right? You can also search fonts by designers’ name. It is the combination of aesthetics and functionality.

7. Fontmirror


Take a good-old early 2000s font website, make it refined and simple, and you’ve got: Fontmirror. This young and hip looking website is great for searching specific font styles, especially the most recent tab has some goodies in it.

8. Lost Type

Lost Type

Lost Type offers a limited yet great selection of free fonts. There are no filters and categories since it has a narrow collection, you can simply scroll through it. It is a website that you can browse even only to get inspired by the colorful displays of fonts.

9. BEfonts


BEfonts has such a great collection of fonts that you can overlook its outdated website logo. (But seriously, they need to redesign it ASAP.) You can scroll through thousands of high-quality free fonts or just go by the categories. The website also has font identifier; which is always useful.

10. Font Shmonts

Font Shmonts

Font Shmonts is another clean and simple looking font website to find many demos and free for personal use only versions of the newest fonts. You can filter your search by text styles or display styles. Definitely worth the time you spend digging for gems.

Bonus Recommendation: Typewolf


If you are a typography enthusiast, you should definitely check out Typewolf. It is a website created with a designer eye, catered to people who use text daily. The website is a great resource for all things typography related. There are plenty of very specific lists and font recommendations. You can spend hours by just looking at the meticulously prepared lists of fonts. Highly recommended.

So, which website has become your favorite? Have you discovered a new free font website on this list? Or did you know them all? Please let me know in the comments. I hope these websites will help you find the perfect font ideas for your next project! If you’re curious about our favorite free fonts, stay tuned for the next part of this series.

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