Meet Félix Roudier: Axo-Battle & Waterless World Winner

Today we are featuring an inspirational architect/illustrator Félix Roudier who wins NonArch's both Axo-Battle and Waterless World competitions..

Meet Félix Roudier, illustrator, architect and the winner of two NonArchitecture competitions!

Félix Roudier Illustration

A quick introduction

Félix Roudier, 30 years old and I live in Lyon. 

Graduated in architecture 5 years ago at « l’École d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand » in France, then I worked for several years at Boris Bouchet Architectes et Urbanistes, where I was able to develop a thought-out architectural reflection directly linked to its rural or urban territory. During these years at the agency I did a lot of competitions and I did a lot of hand drawings. So I decided to create felix-illustra 2 years ago: a studio which questions illustration and fiction as tools of representation for architectural and urban project. Now I spend time thinking about several projects with felix-illustra and I teach representation techniques at « l’École d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand »

Logements à Carrières-sous-Poissy
Et demain, on fait quoi ?
Working from Home

A fresh start

Speaking on behalf of NonArch’s Axo-Battle competition, you had 72 hours to represent your idea. Where do you start in competitions like this? How do you get inspired in a limited time?

This type of competition is special because a single visual must explain the entire project. So there are two possible approaches to start: the choice of the theme or the choice of the image. For 72h Axo Battle I favored the image, I had an idea of ​​the organization of the axonometric drawing. Then I enriched the illustration with the theme of the (under)water park with the rising waters.

AXO-BATTLE#1 – The place beyond the dikes

Competition Process

You won two competitions in a row. How was your creative process like? Can you describe the design steps of “The Evapo-Sweaty Building”?

Unlike 72h Axo Battle, the Waterless World contest took more time to think about. To achieve “The Evapo-Sweaty Building” the design process was broken down into three steps (three professions): 

  1. the scientist, a lot of research, a lot of reading of articles related to water and global warming until it clicks. Here is an article explaining the sweating process of a cornfield. 
  2. the architect, this is the time to put all the research into practice and put it in architectural form.
  3. the graphic designer, think about the right representation tool in order to have clear and sexy communication about the project. Here the perspective section and axonometry seemed obvious.
Waterless World – The Evapo-Sweaty Building

A unique approach

You have a distinct illustration style. How would you describe your visual style? What different design mediums and tools do you use in these illustrations? What software and hardware do you prefer?

I love comics and I love architecture. This is why brothers Luc and François Schuiten inspire me so much.

“ I don’t pretend to do illustrations at their level but I always try to represent architecture in a narrative way. ”

For architectural design I use Sketchup a lot, then I draw on the graphics tablet on Photoshop.

felix-illustra – Working from Home

Tips for beating the designer’s block

We can say you are staying very productive and turning your productivity into achievements during the pandemic. What keeps you motivated and how can you manage your time?

The pandemic was the perfect time for me to develop my illustrator activity and put aside my work as an architect. I like to juggle the two. Now is the time to get back to architecture!

felix-illustra – Stade de l’ASVEL Rugby

Bonus facts

Sketchbook / Graphics tablet ? Graphics tablet for since years 

Wacom / iPad ? Wacom of course! 

Work from home / Office ? At home, waiting for the bars and terraces opening

Coffee / Tea ? Cafe cafe cafe cafe

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