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8 Best Free Websites for Creative Mapping

Creative mapping is becoming an integral part of the architecture, landscape, and urban design practice. Nowadays, mapping, based on visuality and emphasizing artistic creativity, has great importance in projects. In this context, finding a clean and targeted map base sometimes takes more time than necessary. Until now! So, keep reading, you will get a piece of lifesaver information!

Knock, knock… Hey you! You are at the right place to get some free base map files to rock your site analysis and mappings in your next project. So, let’s go into it!

  1. maps.stamen

We start our journey with this free website is called maps.stamen that deserves to be placed at the top of the list. The different styles on the site are waiting for you to indicate your map at a spectacular level. After choosing one of the styles, you can set out to make an image of your favorite place in the world.

2. openstreetmap


Openstreet.maps is a free geographic data and editable map of the world. There are different layers to access. It is free and you can export as a png, jpeg, or a pdf plus you can also export as an SVG, a vector-based file. So, you can edit the file in Adobe Illustrator to produce high-quality diagrams.

3. snazzymaps


Snazzymaps is a resource-rich source to find different styles for google maps. It is guaranteed to get lost among the styles which are all free to use. But the most attractive part of this website is that you can create your own style by using a map styling tool.

4. ventusky


Ventusky is also available on google play and the app store. It is open to everyone around the world to get information about weather events in the atmosphere. You can see the live wind, rain, and temperature maps. You can access historical and live data. You can see the wind’s animation ever the maps that should be used in the designing process of a building. You can also export these maps. In addition to that, if you have a website or a blog, you can also share a live screenshot of the map.

5. mapbox


Mapbox is a free website that you need to sign up for. Once you sign up and activate your account, you can start to design your map. After choosing one of the templates, you can start to customize your map. There are many editable layers such as buildings, lands, water, and natural feature, etc. that make up your map. To boot, 3d view is also available. You can export this and use it as a diagram.

6. cadmapper


Cadmapper, you can download over 200 free whole city cad files. After sign up, you can also download more detailed maps. The free map is up to one-kilometer square. If you want to download a larger area you need to purchase. A huge plus is that you can also download sketchup and rhino files.

7. contourmapcreator

contour map creator

Contourmap creator is a free website to show the contour of the selected site. It also provides to export the map as an SVG which is an editable file in adobe illustrator.


This free website is showing the population of the selected city through illustrating in a cool way. You can also observe the change in population, compare the present day to 1990 and 1975.

Bonus. urbanobservatory


The final and bonus website is the urban observatory that allow you to compare different cities in the world such as themes of work, movement, people public and systems. Some themes are not avaliable to all cities and some cities are not available in the website.

So, which website has become your favorite and which one are you going to use in your next project? Don’t forget to leave me in the comments. I hope these websites will help you to create the coolest site analysis diagrams and maps.

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