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14 Best Free Sans-Serif Fonts for Designers | Font Series Part 3

If you are on the look for some cool and free sans serif fonts, you are in the right place! This part of the font series offers a complete list of 14 free sans-serif fonts to inspire your next project.

Are you familiar with the saying “One can never have enough sans-serif fonts in their library”? You say there is no such saying? Oh, okay then, but certainly there should be one. Sans-serif fonts are definitely the most used typeface in digital world due to their easy-to-follow, simple and clean design. However, sans serif has come a long way from its modern yet distant style in recent years. In this part of the font series, we gathered 14 must-have sans serif fonts that are full with character and suitable for today’s type trends. Let’s take a look!

1. Ribes Black

Ribes Black Sans-serif Font

There is no better way to start this list than introducing some striking typeface. Saying Ribes Black has a lot to offer would be an understatement. It is round, it is sharp, and it has a stencil vibe with its contrasting thickness. Would look great in both larger and smaller font size. Definitely not your average sans-serif.

2. Fifita Ligatures

Fifita Ligatures Sans-serif Font

Fifita is a very versatile, one-of-a-kind typeface with more than 150 ligature glyphs. The list of glyphs that can be opened from the type panel allows you to use the font in many different ways, even in a pattern form.

3. Audrey

Audrey Sans-serif Font

If you want it sans-serif, but elegant, then Audrey should be your first choice! The contrast created by combining curvy and straight lines in the font presents an eye-catching style. It comes in different weights and italics, too.

4. Gill Sans

Gill Sans Ultra Bold Sans-serif Font

Until very recent, I did not give a second glance to Gill Sans that is abandoned in the dusty shelves of my font library. When I was preparing this list however, I was pleasantly impressed by the Ultra Bold weight option of the font. It’s bold, it’s funky, it is full of character, a total charmer!

5. SK Pupok

SK Pupok Sans-serif Font

This is the font that I want to see in every poster, in every instagram post for a while. SK Pupok warms my heart with its soft decorative style and rounded shapes. It has also very cool outlined style in addition to regular one. Another awesome feature of this decorative font is that, it’s multilingual and supports many languages.

6. Misto Regular

Misto Regular Sans-serif Font

Misto Regular is another high-contrast, stencil styled font that is absolutely beautiful. Its designer says that the font work best in headlines, including logo design, brand identities, websites, packaging and posters. It is an upper-case only font, which could be a drawback for some users, but, I think it adds to the architectural feel the font gives.

7. Mango

Mango Sans-serif Font

Allow me to present the ultimate cute font: Mango. This minimal lowercase font would look great on printed media, such as book and notebook covers. If you want to give your design a fun, summery look, this would be a great option.

8. Bauhaus 93

Bauhaus 93 Sans-serif Font

The bold type never goes out of style and Bauhaus 93 is a worthy alternative. Its geometric forms give a distinctive and clean look to the font. If you want a rounded bold sans-serif, this could be it.

9. Futura

Futura Sans-serif Font

I can’t not add Futura to this list; it is everything you want from a font and more. Yes it is over-used and there are many other alternatives, yet, it has one of the most extensive font family with several weight options, especially condensed ones are must-have in a designer’s library.

10. Comfortaa

Comfortaa Sans-serif Font

Another alternative for rounded geometric sans-serif type: Comfortaa. It is a very versatile font, it is hard for fonts to be friendly-looking yet give modern and professional feeling. Plus, bright colors will look amazing on this font.

11. Nanami 3D

Nanami 3d Sans-serif Font

Nanami 3d is the font that will save you a lot of time dropping shadows on your text! It is the font that I wish I’d found out sooner. The type itself has the qualities of a perfect sans-serif with a bonus readymade shade underneath. Definitely would recommend!

12. Lane-Upper

Lane – Upper Sans-serif Font

Lane-Upper is a unique, thin font that would be a great addition to your library. Lane font family also has a thin-regular option that might be a more versatile version of the Upper one. Yet, I think the fluctuating letters taking this thin and elegant font to one step further, adding a playful look, if that is what you’re looking for.

13. Champagne & Limousines

Champagne & Limousines Sans-serif Font

Round, thin and elegant Champagne & Limousines would look good on every media. If you want to give a modern undertone to your designs while keeping it elegant and chic, this font surely is the one to go for.

14. Calton Elegance Sans

Calton Elegance Sans-serif Font

I cannot believe it’s sans! The last but not least font on the list is: Calton Elegance Sans. It offers every quality of serif font without being a serif. A great option to combine with more linear, straight types of sans-serif. Oh also, it is very elegant, it is in the name after all.

So, have you discovered a new free sans-serif font on this list? Which font was your favorite? Do you have any sans-serif font recommendations for me? Please let me know in the comments.
If you’re curious about our favorite free handwritten fonts, stay tuned for the next part of this series.

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    Sans Serif Font Plays an important role in the corporate area. In your list i found Lane-Upper most amazing and eye-catchy. Thanks for sharing this article.

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