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Unleash your creativity: Architecture-minded mobile games

I'm here with a new list for game lovers! After the games, you can play on PC, let's take a look at the architecture games list you can play on mobile now. Each one is so creative and their visualizations are amazing!

I am ambitious. You will encounter many games that you do not know!

1- Fallout Shelter- Bethesda Softworks

This game offers another approach to dystopias most of us set up different scenarios and to solutions we propose to survive in this scenario. It features users building underground shelters in a post-apocalyptic world. What is expected from the player is to build and manage the shelter in the best way possible.

2- Monument valley- Ustwo

Awesome game! The game is an independent puzzle game. I think the most impressive aspect of the game is its visualization and sounds. Each section has a fantastic architecture and impossible geometries. The game asks the player to guide the silent Princess Ida by manipulating her world with various illusions.

Our ambition for the game became to produce a piece of work that was ‘all killer and no filler’ — something that would excite the player, but never frustrate. We wanted the player to stick around just long enough to deliver only novelty and delight. It would be a game with no grind, but also no real failure: there were no stars to collect, no leaderboards. Players should experience a game that is more akin to a film in length.

Ustwo Games

3- Hidden folks- Adriaan de Jongh

Another great game whose visualization I was smitten with. A completely hand-drawn miniature city design! After this sentence, I guess I don’t need to explain why I chose this game for architects. The game asks you to find hidden characters and objects with various scenarios.

Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!!

Hidden folks

4- SimCity BuildIt- EA

Undoubtedly, most of us know Simcity, but were you aware of this mobile game? I think it is a very well-equipped game for a mobile game. Everything has been thought of in the game. You are expected to establish your own city as you wish and manage it well. But a warning from me to you; use your money very carefully, otherwise very difficult to deal with people’s feelings!

5- The Battle of Polytopia- Midjiwan AB

Another game with urban visualization like Hidden folks, SimCity! For strategy game lovers, this mobile game with a low poly visualization and 4x speed is very cute in my opinion.

Explore the world, build cities, protect the lands of Polytopia, and fight!

6- Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition- Klei Entertainment

Ahh… I guess it’s the visualizations of the games that impress me the most. Don’t starve is a survival game full of action and adventure. Gather various materials and build structures to survive.

7- Very Little Nightmares- Bandai Namco

An adventurous escape game. A rather strange and inspiring home like a maze and a girl in a yellow raincoat. You must solve the puzzles that block your way and try to get the girl out of the house.

8- Manifold Garden – William Chyr

A very well-thought-out impossible architectural setup and of course a wonderful visualization. You will struggle with gravity in this mind-blowing puzzle game a lot. Moreover, this game that inspired by various architects and is exactly for architects.

“Ando was the original inspiration,” Chyr explains. “I can’t have curved surfaces in the game – they all have to be 90-degree corners – because you can only fit along six gravity planes. If there was a slanted surface, I wouldn’t know what gravity to put you in, so it would break the mechanics.”

Press interview
with Thomas McMullan of Alphr 

9- Townscaper- Oskar Stålberg

No purpose. There is no real game. Just amply build! I think this game is like a lego. As long as you place the blocks, watch how the algorithm turns them into cute houses, bridges, and roads.

10- Home Design 3D- Anuman Interactive

Well, it wouldn’t be if I don’t recommend an interior design game. Actually, it is more like a design modeling program than a game. With its diverse library, you can easily build your dream house and then visit it.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Have fun!

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