Unleash your creativity: Interrail Route for Architecture Students

Today, we will travel with a route with great options for architects and architecture students. With this route we have taken, you can find the chance to see many works that frequently mentioning in architectural education.

Traveling and seeing new places can be counted as the passion of many people around the world. Escaping from one’s own reality and meeting with other realities is an experience for many people that can’t be replaced. However, the relationship between architecture and travel is special on another level. As an architect, observing other realities is very important for producing new realities.

The Interrail pass offers a great opportunity for both travel enthusiasts and architects. You can pass almost all trains in Europe with this ticket. You get access to 40 rail and ferry companies in 33 countries. Besides you can create many customised route according to your time, budget and taste. In addition to staying in cities that are important to you, it is recommended to be flexible in your travel plan.It is also possible to create a special program for architects and architecture students among these routes, which can be customized as desired. Today, we will travel with a route proposal with great options for architects and architecture students. With this route we have taken, you can find the chance to see many works that frequently mentioning in architectural education.

The Route includes; Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam and finally Berlin. For more details about routes and stations: https://www.interrail.eu/en/plan-your-trip/interrail-railway-map

  1. Barcelona

This Catalan city, where art and architecture are intertwined, is one of the cities that every architect should visit at least once in their lifetime with its unique and cool style. Let’s take a tour in this city that fascinates visitors with its Eixample city plan, the works of Antoni Gaudi, the Gothic Quarter and its many hidden wonders!

  • Sagrada Familia

We can take a look at Barcelona’s most iconic church. Known for its ongoing construction, this basilica is also known as the most famous and most comprehensive structure designed by Antoni Gaudi. Also The Sagrada Familia museum is located inside the basilica and there is an entrance fee. Inside the museum, there are paintings and photographs of the basilica. However, it is possible to have a unique experience without going inside the basilica.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Barcelona Cathedral and Gothic Quarter

As another important city symbol of Barcelona, you can take a tour of Barcelona Cathedral and the Gothic quarter which is surrounding the cathedral. Known to have been built between the 13th and 15th centuries, this cathedral has been an important place of religious worship in the region.

  • Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

We can continue the tour with another masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi. This building, which was designed in an art nouveau style, was built with the masterful shaping of natural stones. It is possible to enter this building which is famous for the uniqueness of its courtyard as well as its facade.

Molloy, J. (03 May 2013). Picture of Casa Milà [Photograph]. Archdaily. https://www.archdaily.com/367681/ad-classics-casa-mila-antoni-gaudi?ad_source=search&ad_medium=search_result_all
  • Barcelona Pavilion

After all the historical buildings we visited, we can end our Barcelona tour with an example of Mies Van Der Rohe’s modern architectural movements. Besides the exciting and lively character of Barcelona, this pavilion has a calm and spacious space and is located in a way that is isolated from the chaotic structure of the city.

Kroll, A. (08 Feb 2011). Picture of Barcelona Pavilion [Photograph]. Archdaily.
  1. Madrid

After completing our tour in Barcelona, we set out for Madrid, the capital of Spain. Although this capital is a region that has distinguished itself with its modern and contemporary structures rather than historical architecture, it has also managed not to lose its historical texture.

  • The Prado Museum

We can say that the museum, which has the greatest works of art in the world, is important enough to be at the top of your list when you go to Madrid. It is recommended that you get a map when you go, as the museum is enormous.

Museo Del Prado, Madrid, Spain.
  • Torre Blancas

After the museum tour, how would you like to take a look at an iconic example of the organicism movement of architecture? This building, designed by Sáenz de Oiza, is known for bringing a new icon to Madrid, beyond its function.

Winstanley, T. (01 Oct 2011). Picture of Torre Blancas  [Photograph]. Archdaily.
  • Parish Church of Santa Monica

We can continue the tour in Madrid with this marvel of design. Designed by Vicens + Ramos, this local church can be described as an example of a unique play of light with its north-facing skylights.

(23 Jun 2009). Picture of Parish Church of Santa Monica  [Photograph]. Archdaily. https://www.archdaily.com/26101/parish-church-of-santa-monica-vicens-ramos
  1. Paris

After finishing our city tour in Madrid, our way falls to Paris, which we all know as the capital of France. Although Paris is defined by the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, this city is a cultural and artistic center where architectural classics from many different periods come together. Let’s see how to visit Paris without experiencing the Paris syndrome!

  • Centre Georges Pompidou

How would you like to start our tour with a cultural center that will be counted as one of the architectural icons of Paris? Center Georges Pompidou, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, creates itself with a design that contrasts with the Parisian texture that surrounds it. The sloping square, which is used as a public space, offers a great opportunity to sit and experience the building.

Lynch, P. (19 Jan 2017). Picture of Centre Georges Pompidou  [Photograph]. Archdaily.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the historical monuments that should be seen when visiting Paris. Although the visit was temporarily closed due to the fire incident, it is still possible to experience the exterior of the building and its surroundings.

Sayej, N. (April 13, 2021). Picture of Notre Dame Cathedral  [Photograph]. Architectural Digest.
  • Villa Savoye

Although it is 1 hour away from Paris, Villa Savoye can be defined as one of the must-see buildings for architects and architecture students. This building, designed by Le Corbusier and where he lived for a while, is a very valuable work in which the architect has brought together 5 principles that he brought to modern architecture.

(April 13, 2021). Picture of Notre Villa Savoye  [Photograph]. Arc Eyes.
  1. Amsterdam

We passed through Belgium with our train and reached Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Although it is known for its nightlife and wild entertainment, we can say that it is a city that you will never regret going to, and even want to go again, with both its local and experimental architecture.

  • Rijksmuseum and Asian Pavilion

We can start our cultural tour with the largest museum in the Netherlands. This museum, which has more than 7 million works of art, guarantees you to learn about the history and culture of the Netherlands. Besides this historical museum, the Asian Pavilion, added in 2013, is a must-see.

(30 August 2021). Picture of Rijksmuseum  [Photograph]. Wikipedia.
Asian Pavilion, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Van Gogh Museum

Located between the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Musem, the Van Gogh Museum can be defined as one of the most interesting places in Amsterdam. This museum, which has around 200 paintings and 500 sketches of Van Gogh, is also very satisfying in terms of architecture. The main building, which belongs to the architect Gerrit Rietveld, accompanies the design of the entrance building designed by Hans van Heeswijk.

(05 Sep 2015). Picture of Van Gogh Museum  [Photograph]. Archdaily.
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

With both its architecture and the works of art inside, this museum is an invaluable blessing for contemporary art lovers. In this museum, which is 2 minutes away from the Van Gogh Museum, it is possible to see works by Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Karel Appel, Andy Warhol as well as Vincent Van Gogh.

(04 Apr 2013). Picture of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam  [Photograph]. Archdaily.
  1. Berlin

We continue our last stop with Berlin, which can be considered as the capital of politics and culture. Berlin was destroyed as a result of the wars and can be defined as one of the cities that changed and restructured the most as a result of the architectural movements of the 20th century. Let’s explore this characteristic city!

  • Reichstag

It can be considered that the addition of the glass dome is the element that distinguishes this historical building, which is actually the German Parliament Building designed by Paul Wallot. Added by the British architect Norman Foster, this glass dome provides a 360-degree panoramic view for visitors and reflects daylight into the parliament building. Also the admission is free, but you must register before you go.

  • Bauhaus Archive

Designed by Walter Gropius, this museum has the world’s largest Bauhaus School collection. In addition to being free of charge, it should not be forgotten that it is temporarily closed and visitors will be accepted in 2022.

Bianchini, R. (April 19, 2019). Picture of Bauhaus Archive  [Photograph]. Inexhibit.
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Also known as the Holocaust Memorial, made by the famous architect Peter Eisenman, was designed to commemorate the 6 million Jewish who lost their lives in the holocaust, as the name suggests. The monument contains two thousand, seven hundred and eleven gray concrete slabs.

(Jan 27, 2020). Picture of Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe  [Photograph]. USA Today.

After the Berlin tour, unfortunately the trip is coming to an end. I hope you enjoyed this cultural and architectural route! Although the route includes architectural icons and popular destinations, each visited region offers different opportunities for you to discover hidden wonders. Have a good journey!

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