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12 Best Free Script Fonts for Designers | Font Series Part 4

Every designer should have some high-quality script or cursive fonts up their sleeve. If you do not want to spend hours searching for free script fonts, this article is just the thing for you!

Script fonts -the font styles that look like cursive handwriting- are definitely the underdog of the typography world. Although they are not as versatile as its competitors serif and sans serif, script fonts are especially useful for font pairings. When paired with a sans serif typeface for example, script fonts can add elegance and sophistication to your design. However, it can be very tiresome to search for the perfect script font. In this article you will find our selection of 12 free, legible and aesthetically pleasing scripts font that deserve a spot in your font library.

1. Ronallatie

Ronallatie Script Font

Ronallatie script font is a modern take on script fonts; it is legible, elegant and fun. It would look great on name-card designs. It certainly is a must-have!

2. Shopping Script Demo

Shopping Script Demo Font

Font’s designer Roland Hüse defines Shopping Script font as a relaxed handwritten font – in a signature style. It is the most cool and effortless looking script font in this list.

3. Autography

Autography Script Font

Autography is a unique font that has sharp strokes reminiscent of calligraphy, which we do not see much in script fonts. It proves that script fonts are not limited to just go with wedding related designs.

4. Nagita

Nagita Script Font

Nagita is a luxurious, elegant and funky script font. The font is suitable for today’s font trends and would look great on branding projects.

5. Kalista Script

Kalista Script Font

Kalista is a thinner and more relaxed alternative to Ronallatie font. Most of the script fonts has a feminine outlook due to their elegant and chic style, Kalista stands out from other script fonts with its neutral and fresher tone.

6. Giddyup Std

Giddyup Std Font

Giddyup Std is not a script font exactly yet it has the qualities to count as one. It is fun (it has stars for dots- like, how cute is that!) and would look great in retro-themed designs.

7. Arkipelago

Arkipelago Script Font

Arkipelago is another script brush that would work in diverse projects, since it lacks feminine qualities that are so frequently associated with script fonts. This wet inky brush script font would pair up with sans serif nicely.

8. Cervanttis

Cervanttis Script Font

Cervanttis script font is messy and effortless in a cool way. No wonder it’s so popular among designers.

9. Olive

Olive Script Font

Olive is another wet-inky brush font that is very popular among designers. It would pair up well with different fonts and would look great on every media.

10. Showtime Regular

Showtime Regular Script Font

Showtime Regular script font is elegant and festive. It elevates your mood just by looking at it. It could be a great option to give happy news to your loved ones or to just invoke happy thoughts in branding materials.

11. Almairah03

Almairah03 Script Font

Almairah font family has three styling options, each of them classy and elegant. Almairah03 is the natural-looking one amongst the three and one of my personal favorites.

12. Sacramento

Sacramento Script Font

Sacramento is the cursive that I’ve always wished I had. Uniform, clean, the proportions of the letters within themselves are ideal. Oh, and the hollowed dots, I’m a big fan of them, too.

Have you discovered a new free serif font on this list? Which one do you like most? Would you give a chance to script fonts in your next project? Please let me know in the comments. Until next time!

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