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10 Inspiring Architecture Studios

Without a doubt, Instagram is wonderful for discovering young architecture studios! I coincide to pretty inspiring teams to get out of the ordinary. I think, amazing representations, surprising transformations, minimalist interventions, innovative projects, collective productions and more… I would really like to be among them. Maybe this list can be a good suggestion for you for internship applications, workshops or collaborations.

I actually had a pretty big list. It was difficult for me to choose 10 studios but maybe I can continue to share them as a series. Yesss, Let’s look at the architecture studios I have chosen for you from around the world!

Fabulism | Berlin/ Germany

Founded by Giulia Pozzi and Mirko Andolina

Fabulism is a form of magic realism in which fantastical elements are placed into an everyday setting. Fabulism is based on landscape and architecture practice. I think they designed and transformed the collective spaces very well. Sometimes a watchtower, sometimes a garden, sometimes a canopy… I also love their post-digital and mapping representation.

Main works;

  • 2020 | Landspace of differences | International urban planning competition Berlin- Brandenburg 2070 | | 4th prize
  • 2019 |A Landscape Palimpsest | Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center competition | Finalist
  • 2018 | Slow Landscape Schwarzatal | IBA Thüringen / Schwarzatal competition | 1th prize
  • 2018 | VibRad | International Competition Radbahn+Innovators | 1th prize

Salottobuono | Milan / Italy

Founded by Matteo Ghidoni

Salottobuono has served as editor of the “Instructions and Manuals” section of Abitare magazine (2007-10) and as creative director of Domus magazine (2011, 2012). The office has taken part in the Venice Biennale (2008, 2012, 2014), and designed the Italian Pavilion in 2010.  Frankly, I first encountered their “TEATRINO” project. The rising giant balloon caught my attention. Then I followed their all pavilion designs with interest. I like their unique language of representation. Study models, diagrams…

Main works;

  • 2021 | A Dome | Cathedral of Santa Maria | Spain
  • 2019 | Urban Center Milano | 1st prize
  • 2018 | Teatrino | Temporary pavilion at Milano ArchWeek
  • 2017 | exhibition design, Milan Design Week
  • 2016 | published the “Fundamental Acts”

Openact. Architecture | Madrid/ Spain- Istanbul/ Turkey

Founded by Zuhal Kol and Carlos Zarco Sanz

Openact is a multiple design practice that operates within the fields of architecture and urbanism. Conceived as part-laboratory and part-workshop, Openact employs research as a performative act in architecture and envisions the design of open-ended systems as the basis for adaptable, flexible, and organic infrastructures, across a multitude of scales that support and promote contemporary urban life.

Main works;

  • 2021 | Premio COAM 2020 – Official Chamber of Architects of Madrid Emerging Architect Award 2020 – Madrid, Spain
  • 2021 | Büyükada UrbanDesign Competition | Winner
  • 2020 | Taksim International Two-Phased Urban Design Competition | Equivalent Mention
  • 2017 | International Urban Design Competition Client: BBB Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality Location: Bandirma, Turkey | 1st prize
  • 2015 | Europan 13 International Competition Location: Zagreb, Croatia | 1st prize

Meat | Paris-Massif Central/ France 

Founded by Lucille Bricks,  Justine Caussanel, Camille Chastanet,  Clara Delmond Félicien Pecquet-Caumeil, Adrien Picandet, Simon Portelas, Claire Vernhes

Meat brings together architects and urban planners committed to urban and rural issues. It tries to provide answers on the whole of the “chain of doing” at each level: from the political act to the act of building, taking care to integrate into the design the processes in which the project settles down.

Main works;

  • 2021 ­| Publication | Europan Manifesto-guide for Projects Processes
  • 2019 | Competition | The constructive garden
  • 2019 | Exhibition | “Low-tech in all its forms”
  • 2017 | Competition | La fabrica de suelos | Finalist project, Mentioned
  • 2016 | Project | Living in Cabourg: from the risk to the marshes

Ksestudio | Athens/ Greece

Founded by Sofia Krimizi and Kyriakos Kyriakou

Ksestudio is an award-winning architectural design practice based purposefully and simultaneously in New York, London, and Athens. The prefix kse- (greek ξε-) stands for un- / de-, expressing the opposition to the normative condition of a fixed architectural practice. ksestudio explores its multiple locations in order to address different cultures and audiences and experiment with a range of design mediums.

We build, we teach, we research, we travel.


Main works;

  • 2020 | Pedion | Apartment Renovation | Athens
  • 2019 | Unswept House | A New Floor For Athens Downtown | Athens
  • 2019 | A-School | Afterschool Learning Hub | Greece
  • 2016 | MALI | Museum of Art | Competition | Peru
  • 2014 | A-Hotel | Tourism Landscapes: Remaking Greece | 14th Venice Biennale

Kosmos | Virtual

Founded by Artem Kitaev, Leonid Slonimskiy and Nikolay Martynov

K O S M O S Architects is an office collaborating virtually, bringing together partners based in Zurich, Moscow, Graz and New York. K O S M O S designs projects and environments of all types and scales: from a door handle to a city; from hardcore architecture to pop-up art installations. The office combines art and technology, global experience with respect to the local context, European professionalism, and Russian drive. The office name K O S M O S can be read in several different meanings. First, it takes the word kosmos in its original definition from Ancient Greek, meaning “order” and “ordered universe”. Its opposite, “chaos” is identified as generic buildings, quotidian objects, temporary and anonymous infrastructure: scaffoldings, railway bridges, light fixtures, insulation materials, etc. K O S M O S takes inspiration from these utilitarian and mute elements of architecture – learning from it and finding ways of organising it into projects.

Main works;

  • 2019 | Todo Dia (Everyday) | XII Bienal Internacional De São Paulo
  • 2018 | Swiss Pavilion for Quadrennial of Scenography |Pro Helvetia Competition |Prague | 1st prize
  • 2017 | Air Box Msk | Nike Sport Center Competition | Moscow | 1st Prize
  • 2017 | Golden Plate | “Altar of Trends” for Afisha Daily
  • 2013 | Tower and Labyrinth | “House of Fairytales”. Museum of H.C. Andersen Competition | 1st prize

The Open Workshop| Toronto/ Canada

Founded by Neeraj Bhatia

The Open Workshop is a multidisciplinary design workshop focused on critically re-examining the concept of an open work, first posited by Umberto Eco in 1962. With expertise ranging from architecture to urban design, The Open Workshop uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide innovative, project-specific design solutions. Recognized for its design-research, the office has a record of complex projects that engage multiple systems and stakeholders. The office has garnered recognition through international competitions, exhibitions, and publications that focus on how design-research can renegotiate the relationship between architecture and its environment.

Main works;

  • 2021 | Luna | Venice Biennale
  • 2021 | “The Center Won’t Hold” | Chicago Architecture Biennial
  • 2019 | “Re-Assembling the Archive” | Seoul Biennale 
  • 2015 | The Right of Way is the Right to the City | Competition | Canada | Finalist
  • 2014| Steam Stratum | Baltic Thermal Pool Park Competition | Latvia | Honorable Mention

Sports Collaborative | New York/ USA

Founded by Molly Hunker and Greg Corso

Sports focuses on creating compelling spaces that are catalysts for social activities. They approach design in a playful way, by balancing rigor and research with amusement and curiosity, with the ambition to generate fresh and unexpected experiences of the built environment. Much of their work has been public interventions that leverage the possibility for simple, high-economy design gestures to have significant urban and community impacts.

Main works;

  • 2019 | Some Kind of Kinda | Exhibited at “Succulent: Recipes for Architectural Consumption” | Miami Art Week
  • 2018 | City Thread | Project | Passageways 2.0 public space competition |Downtown Chattanooga | Winner
  • 2017 | Runaway | Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB) takepart | makeart pavilion competition | Winner
  • 2016 | Rounds | Ragdale Ring Competition, Adrian Smith Prize and Architect’s Newspaper “Best of Design” Award | Winner

Assemble | London/ UK

Assemble is a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design and art. Founded in 2010 to undertake a single self-built project, Assemble has since delivered a diverse and award-winning body of work, whilst retaining a democratic and co-operative working method that enables built, social and research-based work at a variety of scales, both making things and making things happen.

Main works;

  • 2021 | The Blue | “Blue” revival project
  • 2020 | The Making Room | Collaborators The V&A Dundee
  • 2019 | Kaaitheather | Competition for the transformation of the Kaaitheatre, Brussels, Belgium | 2st Prize
  • 2019 | Kunstacademie Zwevegem | Competition to design the extension for the Kunstacademie (Art Academy) | Winner

Terrain Architects | Tokyo/ Japan

Founded by Ikko Kobayashi + Fumi Kashimura

TERRAIN currently has 2 bases; one in Tokyo, Japan; and the other in Kampala, Uganda.

“We believe that architecture is a part of the “TERRAIN” it stands on. Beyond each site, a unity of architecture and place should also be a part of topography, culture, climate, people and time. Wherever it is, there are constraints or limitations to a building’s design and construction. We recognize that those ‘constraints’ are characteristics representing each place’s indigenousness, so we take them into account as positive elements of our design. In our design and construction process, we explore how architecture can utilize and maximize indigenous elements of each place.”

Terrain Architects
  • 2020 | Yamasen Japanese Restaurant | Good Design Gold Award/ Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
  • 2019 | AR Emerging Architecture Awards 2019 Finalist
  • 2019 | AU dormitory | Aga Kahn Award for Architecture 2019 cycle Finalist
  • 2019 | AU dormitory | AIJ Young Architect Award for Selected Architectural Designs 2019
  • 2019 | Exhibition | AR Emerging Architecture Awards 2019 | Amsterdam

That’s it. Did you like this list? Do you want the continuation of the series?
Come on, write the studios you follow in the comment.

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