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10 Inspiring Interior Design Studios

Without a doubt, Instagram is wonderful for discovering young architecture studios! I coincide with pretty inspiring teams to get out of the ordinary. I think, amazing representations, surprising transformations, minimalist interventions, innovative projects, collective productions and more… I would really like to be among them. Maybe this list can be a good suggestion for you for internship applications, workshops or collaborations.

I actually had a pretty big list. It was so difficult for me to choose 10 studios. Let’s look at the interior design studios I have chosen for you from around the world!

Kresta Design | Madrid/ Spain

Founded by Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil Ruano.

Kresta Design is an architecture and design studio established in 2007. Their visualizations are amazing! I love following them. Although they are on this list, I find them very inspiring in their architectural projects.

“We seek a different point of view, with a mixture of curiosity, intuition, and craft. We identify ourselves with the work impregnated with play, of the “Craftsman” defined by Richard Sennett. Our goal is to discover a story in each project where all the pieces fit together.”

Kresta Design

Main works;

  • 2020 | COAM | Award
  • 2022 | Mies Van Der Rohe | Award
  • 2019 | A12 House | Architecture
  • 2018 | VB Rural House | Architecture
  • 2018| CP | Restaurant | Architecture    

Lis Design Studio | Lviv/ Ukraine 

Founded by Shpelyk Roman, Smolska Uliana, Marko Oleksa and Bilohan Iryna.

They are a design and architecture studio established in 2015. They are focused on the architecture and interior design of both private and public projects. I love that they presented their design with axonometric diagrams, illustrations, or collages.

Main works;

  • 2020 | Neo-bistro & Bar Late Breakfast Club | Design and Realization
  • 2020 | Residential apartment | Design and Realization
  • 2017 | Residential apartment | Concept Design
  • 2015 | Children clothing store | Design and Realization

Raúl Sánchez Architects | Barcelona/ Spain 

Founded by Raul Sanchez.

Raul Sanchez Architects is an award winning architecture and design practice. No doubt, the dental clinics he designed are so impressive!

“Regardless of the type, scale, location or budget, every new work is a new challenge.”

Raúl Sánchez Architects

Main works;

  • 2021 | Loop Design Awards | Honorable mention | Impress Dental Studio
  • 2020 | Dezeen Awards | Longlisted | Impress dental studio
  • 2017, 2016, 2015 | 48h Open House Barcelona | Exhibition
  • Residence 0110 | Residential | Built
  • Impress Valencia | Dental Studio | Built

Studiomama | London/ England and Stockholm/ Sweden

Founded by Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama.

They are a multidisciplinary design studio established in 2000. Nina and Jack’s ability to combine their diverse backgrounds and skills has enabled Studiomama to work coherently across multiple disciplines and develop its own distinctive expression. A sustainable ethos combined with an exploratory and playful approach has resulted in a daring, influential and socially-relevant portfolio that encompasses architecture, interior design, jewelry, exhibition design, curation, products and furniture. They have a wonderful studio!

Main works;

  • 2020 |Ottolenghi Test Kitchen | Architecture
  • 2018 | Micro Home for Heimtextil | Exhibition
  • 2012 | Beach House | Architecture
  • 2013| Re-Imagine Collection | Furniture

Dual Works | Birmingham/ England 

Founded by Zoe Robertson and Steve Snell.

Dual Works is an independent design studio established in 2015. They design and manufacture all of their projects in their workshop in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. Actually, in their own words, they are a studio that designs and creates a unique collection of beautifully handcrafted homewares designed for the home. I added them to this list because I think that they completely changed and transformed the interior with personal furniture designed by them.

At the heart of our work is a harmony between designing and making. Our design method is detail-oriented carefully considering process and materials alongside context and function. Each project is individual and with design at forefront of our creative decisions, we tailor each brief to suit you.  Our experience ensures we actively listen to understand your vision whether we are designing for your home or working environment.”

Dual Works

Main works;

  • Sense Arts | Design, Fabrication and Installation of Art Studios
  • Public House | Fabrication of Furniture Designed by Intervention Architecture
  • Hazel and Haydn | Design and Fabrication of Salon Furniture
  • Spectra | Design and Fabrication of Theatre Set

Studiotamat | Rome/ Italy 

Founded by Tommaso Amato, Matteo Soddu and Valentina Paiola.

Studiotamat is an Italian architecture and design studio established in 2014. They mainly deals with residential architecture, interior design, exhibition design and retail projects. Its design method is based on the search for balance between usability of space and functionality of materials, to create atmospheres that redefine the multiple attitudes of living. Working 360° on the design space, from the architectural elements to the furnishing components, the studio has a flexible work team, comprising collaborators, artisans, companies and high-level workers, who care deeply for all the spaces of everyday life.

Main works;

  • 2021 | GM House | Residential
  • 2021 | Tre de Tutto | Restaurant
  • 2016 | Italian Pavilion for the 67th Berlin Film Festival | Competition
  • 2015 | Renovation of the Rowing Club on the Tiber River | Competition

Vapor 324 | São Paulo/ Brasil   

Founded by Fabio Riff, Rodrigo Oliveira, Thomas Frenk and Fabrizio Lenci.

Vapor 324  is a studio that has three main disciplines architecture, audiovisual and graphic media established in 2014. Works of this team made up of partners that each one has different talents wonderful!

Main works;

  • 2018 | Claudia Andujar | Animation
  • 2017 | Corrutela Restaurant | Architecture
  • 2017 | Antônio bicudo Apartment | Architecture
  • 2016 | Alagoas 14 Apartment | Architecture

Studio Ben Allen | Londra/ England   

Founded by Ben Allen.

Studio Ben Allen is a multidisciplinary design practice established in 2014. They undertake a wide range of projects at the intersection of architecture, design and art. Each of their projects has at its core an open collaborative dialogue between participants and disciplines, from concept to production, in order to create unique and engaging spatial sequences. I think, the spaces they produce are so inspiring!

Main works;

  • Cabinet of Experiments | House | Renovation
  • A Room for One More | Apartment | Renovation
  • One Carter Lane | Workplace Design
  • Columbarium | Exhibition Design

Fhams | Kyoto,Tokyo/ Japan and Hong kong/ China

Founded by Ryotaro Ando, Shinichiro Kasahara, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Hisanori Mukaiyama and Yuki Fukumoto

Based in Kyoto, they are a design team founded in 2001 by friends from college. They have worked on a wide range of project types Interior design of restaurants, hotels and retail shops, architecture design of residences, office buildings, factories, furniture designs, interior decorations.

Main works;

  • 2021 | CCO | Cleaning Shop | Interior Design
  • 2019 | Crème de la Crème | Cake Shop&Cafe | Interior Design
  • 2019 | Temple Town Hotel | Hotel | Interior Design
  • 2014 | Han | Retail Shop | Interior Design

Part Office | Los Angeles/ USA

Founded by Kristin Korven and Jeff Kaplon.

Part Office is a Los Angeles-based architecture and interior design studio established in 2015. They work on projects of all scales, from singular objects to large developments.

“We are interested in the ambiguity and variety inherent in Los Angeles. We make work that is a logical step in the lineage of the place it is built. We do so with an empathy and appreciation of existing conditions, but also by highlighting inevitable contradictions with a thoughtful tension.”

Part Office

Main works;

  • 2020 | Santa Monica Greenhouse | Architectural Project
  • 2019 | Pasadena Library | Renovation
  • 2018 | Eagle Rock House | Renovation
  • 2016 | La Cañada house | Renovation    

That’s it. Did you like this list? Do you want the continuation of the series?
Come on, write the studios you follow in the comment.

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