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12 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Architectural Inspiration | Part 2

If you want to be inspired, look no further! In the second part of this article, we have listed even more instagram accounts for you to get inspired.

We’ve got some great Instagram accounts suggestions for you. You can also check out our previous article in this series from this link. Let’s start scrolling!

1. _knight_david

_knight_david Instagram feed

Dr. David Knight‘s hand-drawn illustrations in his own sketchy yet refined style will inspire you to pick up a pen and paper, then go for a walk in the countryside. Especially his drawings of cottages and old houses would look stunning on the wall.

2. object.e

object.e Instagram feed

If you want to take a tour around Dimitris Gourdoukis‘s award-winning projects, make sure to follow his inspiring account. His feed is everything, and especially the use of color in the projects representations can inspire many architects.

3. buildingsomethingoffbeat

buildingsomethingoffbeat Instagram feed

Buildingsomethingoffbeat‘s feed, which you wouldn’t expect to see on Instagram, is a work of architect Marian Prifling. As it says in the bio, the account is aimed to be a virtual memory for the fast-paced picture book reading society. When you swipe the posts, you’ll find the beautiful architectural photographs, drawings, details and materials that are waiting for you discover them. It makes you feel like you are part of a secret society (or a movement) and connects you with your researcher side.

4. elliejsampson

elliejsampson Instagram feed

Ellie Sampson‘s finely detailed models encourage viewers to work on their model-making skills for sure. The effort put into each model is quite inspiring, you’ll find yourself amazed by them.

5. denismuca61

denismuca61 Instagram feed

Denis Muça‘s witty and artsy architectural collages are like a breath of fresh air. If you like experimental and light-hearted architectural representations, definitely check it out.

6. Fala.atelier

fala.atelier Instagram feed

Most of you may be familiar with Fala Atelier‘s works, but we still wanted to share it for those who don’t know their practice. It is definitely one of the offices that shapes today’s architecture, you can see the architectural collages in their own style all over the Pinterest. We highly recommend you to follow their works.

7. studio_fidele

studio_fidele Instagram feed

If you want to discover a lot of different visual artists, Fidele‘s Instagram account is the place for it. As a printing company, Fidele prints and shares the works of many different visual designers. They have a feed full of inspiration.

8. parallel.archive

parallel.archive Instagram feed

Parallel Archive‘s instagram feed is full of the housing archetype imaginary. Their account showcases amazingly detailed technical drawings of the historical houses. If you want to know more about each house, don’t forget to visit their website, it is just as impressive as their instagram account.

9. stijnjonckheere

stijnjonckheere Instagram feed

Stijn Jonckheere‘s career itself is very inspiring as an architect who designs as visual artist in many different fields, for many brands. Despite designing in so many different fields, it is possible to see his signature, monochromatic style in every work. A must-follow account for everyone in the creative industry.

10. lburri

lburri Instagram feed

Luis Burriel is another inspiring architect whose instagram feed is full of amazing hand drawn sketches. His technique and attention to detail is excellent, his illustrations take the people-watching to another level.

11. katetarlingtextiles

katetarlingtextiles Instagram feed

These detailed masterplans that look like they were drawn by an urban planner are actually embroidery works of Kate Tarling, a self-taught artist. just imagine the effort put into each piece, they are all one-of-a-kind works of art. Her attention to detail and use of color palette can inspire many architects.

12. _giacomo_pala_

_giacomo_pala_ Instagram feed

Giacomo Pala, an architect and researcher, shares in his account; the stuff he does, stuff he likes and stuff he finds, as stated in his bio. And what an account it is. We are sure that you will enjoy this feed, where something unique comes out of every corner and you might find many inspiring visuals as you go deeper.

That’s it for our list! We love to find different inspiring instagram accounts for you. Which account became your favorite? Would you like a part 3 of the series? Please let us know in the comments. Until next time!

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