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10 Inspiring Architecture Studios

Without a doubt, Instagram is wonderful for discovering young architecture studios! I coincide to pretty inspiring teams to get out of the ordinary. I think, amazing representations, surprising transformations, minimalist interventions, innovative projects, collective productions and more… I would really like to be among them. Maybe this list can be a good suggestion for you for internship applications, workshops or collaborations.

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Unleash your creativity: 12 Must-Read Books for Architecture Students

Architecture includes a deeply theoretical background, idea, and representation generation beyond the visible structures. In this process, there are heaps of books, films, and visualization that will lead us to increase our accumulation and broaden our perspective. In fact, I have lost for a long time in the intensity of this accumulation during my student years. Where should I start? Which book should I read?… And still going on. Impossible to finish, so the important thing is to start. Later, you are drifting to this book from that book. Let’s get started!