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5 Habits of Starchitects

Do you need any proof that there are real human beings underneath these flawless-looking creative minds? Behind the magnificent artifacts created by these starchitects, some interesting habits are coming to surprise you. Let’s see!

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8 Best Free Websites for Creative Mapping

Creative mapping is becoming an integral part of the architecture, landscape, and urban design practice. Nowadays, mapping, based on visuality and emphasizing artistic creativity, has great importance in projects. In this context, finding a clean and targeted map base sometimes takes more time than necessary. Until now! So, keep reading, you will get a piece of lifesaver information!

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Free Inspiration for Film Geeks: Stunning Sets and Production Designs in the Past Decade

1, 2, 3..Action! This post is for cinema lovers! Almost every architect is into cinematography somehow. Because the practices of architecture and film production have always been intertwined. Architects and designers in filmmaking are trying to better understand the spatial qualities of a design and communicate those qualities to the public.

Now there are unique and inspiring designs in the movies that I’ve chosen for you, enjoy!