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What Is ArchiCAD In BIM Context? Which One Is Better ArchiCAD Or Revit?

Last time we talked about the evolution of BIM while particularly focusing on Revit. However, it is not possible to talk about BIM without mentioning ArchiCAD. We barely acknowledged it last time, so this time let’s properly dive into ArchiCAD.

How has the pioneering BIM software evolved? How is it tackling the new developments of today? And finally which software is better if you want to adopt BIM? ArchiCAD or Revit?

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What is BIM? How good is Revit in adopting BIM?

BIM and Revit are the terms we keep hearing more and more these days . Even though they become a part of our common vocabulary it gets confusing when it comes to draw a clear line between them. Why do you keep hearing about BIM, every time Revit is mentioned? When you know how to use Revit, does it mean you are fully adopting BIM? Lets dive into it.